How To Make Money In College

How To Make Money In College

College tuition can be expensive, and aside tuition, there are a lot of other expenses that makes college very expensive. Scholarships, grants, and loans, are often not enough for other college related expenses. Technology has simplified a lot of things already; as there are always opportunities on campus, and one can easily get hooked to one of these opportunities through various job recruitment mobile Apps.

Some On-Campus Jobs for College Students

1. Tutor other students

If you are very good at a particular subject then, you may wish to consider  organizing tutorials on that particular subject for  other students; in other to make some extra dollars as a college student. You can visit the department to look out for an opportunity, or register with online platforms like elitetuition. 


 2. Ghostwriting

If you a very good writer, you may also consider ghostwriting for your peers for a fee. A lot of your peers might desire to publish books and articles; either for academic work or for a blog, take up the role and make some extra money for yourself while on campus.

3. Proofreading And Editing

Proofreading and editing your peers’ academic articles is another avenue to earn some more money in college. For many international students without English as their first language, writing papers and academic articles is actually one of their strongest challenge. If you have strong writing skills, this gives you an opportunity to offer your services as an editor or proofreader to your peers.

4. Apply to be a teaching assistant (TA).

Most schools provide an opportunity for graduate students to take up teaching assistant roles in the school, and this role provides students an opportunity to work while on campus, and earn some additional dollars to fund part of their college expenses.

5. Become a campus tour guide.

If you’re a socialite, and interested in making new connections, I think you should consider becoming a campus tour guide. You’ll get to show prospective students(especially international students), help them discover interesting sites on campus, and show them the historic locations on campus.

6. Work in a campus recreation centre, gym, or pool.

Most universities have a gym and spa centre where they hire students to be part of their team. If you are a fitness expert, this could be an amazing opportunity to work and earn money while still in college. At campus gym and spa centre you can either: become a cleaner in the gym, and engage in cleaning gym equipment, become a fitness instructor, or be a lifeguard at the pool area.

Some Off-Campus Jobs for College Students


1. Become a driver for a ride share company.

If you own a good car, or have access to one, getting driving jobs through sites like Uber can fetch you extra money on campus.  This involves you working as an independent driver, and it affords you the luxury of working according to your schedule.

Bonus: This job may likely require you to have a proof of car insurance to get started, and you’ll also be required to report your earnings during annual tax filing.

2. Deliver food and groceries.

With the emergence of apps like, DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats and grocery delivery services with Amazon. You can easily sign up to work for these services online and choose your schedule. This affords you the opportunity to work at your pace, and earn as you go.

3. Work as a store associate.

Look around you, there might be some stores selling groceries and clothes; who are interested in hiring part time workers to serve as cashiers, cleaners and storekeepers. Taking advantage of this kind of opportunity can earn you some very good money to help pay part of your college expenses.

4. Work in a cafe or restaurant.

If you are fortunate to have a lot of cafes or restaurants near your campus that hire part-time employees for positions like cleaners, waiters and chefs. You can be paid hourly, and if you are lucky, you can also get tips on some days.

5. Become a babysitter or nanny.

Many families near your college may need extra care with their children. If it’s a job that you can do, you can go online and list your services on or other similar platforms to connect you with a home nearby. This job involves tending to children before, or after school. It might also require you to spend a few hours with kids on weekends.

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