How Do Churches Make Money

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 How Do Churches Make Money – Discover The Whole Truth About Church Funding.



How Do Churches Make Money – Churches all over the world are growing in number and fame.  Even with the recent social distancing caused by the pandemic,  the church is still growing significantly. You might be one out of the thousands of people seeking to know, how does the church get funding for their numerous mega projects. Well, it’d interest you to know that, the church is not just a gathering of believers, but also a haven for dollar rain, as members donate willingly, which is primarily different from the general tithe and offering.


Most mega churches are now exploring other sources of funding as, the future of church funding is gradually moving away from tithe and offering.



There’s now a need for churches to critically seek for avenues that enables non-members and visitors to become advocates that will not only champion and drive the causes of the church, but also support financially towards these numerous causes.


Beyond Offerings, How Do Churches Make Money?


It is widely reported that, beyond offerings, the church is financed by donations from members and visitors, gifts, contributions, first fruit. It is true that most churches work with offerings and tithes, frontline Pentecostal churches go into trust funds, investments, business funding and startups as major sources of funding.


How Do Churches Get Funded?

With the advent of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown; a lot of churches have long updated their mode of getting funds for the day to day running of the church. Below are a few of the various pathways through which the church gets funding:

  1. Donations
  2. Tithes
  3. Sacrificial Seed
  4. Pledges and Vows
  5. First fruit
  6. Gifts
  7. Offerings
  8. Church bulletin
  9. Rent out a church facility
  10. Organize a talent hunt event and exhibition
  11. Organize a family picnic
  12. Fundraising for a project
  1. Online Giving


Lets discuss in details a few of these funding options for churches…


 How Do Churches Make Money- Donations

This is a model that has proven results, as it gathers funds from both members and visitors alike. In Africa, most politicians and businessmen donate towards the cause of the church, and they see it as a pledge of loyalty and love to not just God, but to the church.

How Do Churches Make Money- Sacrificial Seed

Running a missionary outfit does not come cheap, and it is never an easy task. Most members and non-members who are lovers of the church see it as a point of duty to give “sacrificially” towards missions and other causes of the church like; expansion and church building projects. It is seen by Christians as one of the surest means to provoke heaven, and be blessed by God.


How Do Churches Make Money- Tithe


A section of church congregation worshipping together, and giving offering.


Tithing is one of biggest controversies currently rocking the church, as most non-members doesn’t seem to fancy the idea of giving away 10% of all their earnings to a God they haven’t seen. Contrarily, most members see tithing as a means to get blessed and receive answers to prayers, speedily. It is one of ancient ways of raising funds to pursue the cause of the church (which is primarily soul winning).


Church Bulletin

Most churches have monthly newsletters and bulletin, and they create advert pages for members of the church; who pay a certain sum to have their products and services advertised on the pages of the bulletin or newsletter. This has been a major source of funding for most mega churches in metropolitan cities in Africa.


Renting Out A Church Facility

Most churches are big on real estate, and rental income is a major source of funding for them. Some churches rent out their halls and musical equipment  to members and non-members for events and shows.


Most churches have big facilities that are not fully occupied, and these facilities can be converted to co-work spaces, office complex, and event center.

Funds gotten from the lease of a church facility can take care of the monthly mortgage payment accruing to the church, or possibly sort out some of the most pressing need of the church at the time.


Online Giving

Owing to the effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic, most churches saw the need to go digital if they must stay financially afloat and keep the cause of the ministry running.

When a service is being live-streamed on the internet, it creates room for online worshipers to be able to give online in the same manner they would do during the usual service. Most church leaders leverage on a lot of digital tools to achieve this aim.


Organize A Family Picnic

A family picnic will not only serve as an avenue for congregants to know each other. The church management can organize this event, charge a fee for access, and also have a donation booth manned by volunteer.

This model will not only raise funds in an unusual way, it would also bond together all the congregants.






Churches have always sort for ways to increase their streams of income. that way they can be well prepared for any ups and downs of giving that may arise now or in the future. This is why the importance of you to understand and explore how churches make money cannot be overemphasize; especially if you intend to work in/with a church.




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